Chinese Boss Treats 6,400 Workers to French Vacation Costing $14.6 Million

Greatest Boss EVER!!!!


A Chinese company has given 6,400 of its employees the gift of a lifetime: a free four-day trip to France and Monaco.

Tiens Group, led by Chinese billionaire Li Jinyuan, organized the vacation for half of its employees to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the multinational firm, which dabbles in everything from biotechnology to tourism and cosmetics.

The travelers took up almost 5,000 rooms in the French resort of Cannes and neighboring affluent microstate of Monaco, in addition to 140 Parisian hotels, according to the BBC. The Asian sightseers represents France’s largest tour group, and were treated to a private tour of the Louvre and a live performance of the cabaret Moulin Rouge.

The trip will pump $14.6 million into the French economy.

For their part, Tiens’ employees did not merely amble around gaping at France’s cultural offerings. While on vacation, they also set an ambitious new Guinness World Record…

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WWE Is Working On An Owen Hart DVD With The Full Cooperation Of His Wife Martha

FINALLY!!!! #OwenHart #KingOfHearts #WWE



At this point, WWE’s DVD division has plumbed pretty much every corner of the company’s deep history, even places nobody expected them to go. Ultimate Warrior, Randy Savage, Bret Hart — nobody’s been off-limits. Well, with one exception.

WWE has been very reluctant to showcase any of its footage of Owen Hart. The obvious reason for years is that they didn’t want to remind anybody that Owen died tragically under their watch.

In the mid-2000s, the policy on Owen footage began to loosen up a bit, but the company was then slammed with a lawsuit by Owen’s wife Martha for wrongfully using Owen’s name and likeness and not giving her a proper share of DVD sales. WWE settled out of court in 2013, and the company’s Owen Hart footage went back in the closet. Some feared it would stay there for good.

Well, set your faces for shocked. On what…

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Guys Who Talk Shit About Girls


One of my biggest pet peeves in the world is GUYS WHO TALK SHIT ABOUT GIRLS!! It just makes me so angry. Whenever I hear a guy talk about his ex or some girl he liked and refers to her as a bitch or a slut or whatever that just gets under my skin. I do not believe that girls should be allowed to do this either but it is just so pathetic when it comes from a guy. If you talk about girls you are A PATHETIC EXCUSE FOR A MAN. I don’t care if this girl hurt you, lied to you, cheated on you, or even murdered your mom, it is just wrong. You are not going to make yourself feel better if you do this nor does anyone care! I hate how guys just go around trying to convince everyone to hate this girl and look…

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Why SCREENWRITERS may be responsible for the global EXTINCTION of SCREENWRITING as an art form…

The Backstory

An important rant (though long) from the Founder of Screenwriting Staffing, Jacob N. Stuart.

My motivation as I was writing this column, similar to the mom who “beat” her son for throwing rocks at police cars in Baltimore, does not come from any sort of deep-rooted hatred towards “certain” screenwriters, but rather my deep-rooted LOVE and compassion for screenwriting as an art form. I hope this post sheds some light on something that’s overlooked far too much!Baltimore_mom_hailed_as_hero_for_beating_2878990000_17470380_ver1.0_640_480

Regardless of your reputation and importance in this industry, as a screenwriter, this is a problem that’s affecting ALL of us…

Screenwriters are going extinct and here’s why:

It’s not because we lost our ways in storytelling. It’s not because technology has outsmarted us. And it’s not because we haven’t attended enough “storytelling” seminars .

It’s because we are selfish, self-absorbed, and inconsiderate. Industry professionals are frustrated and tired of dealing…

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I came back from combat, why the #@!% am I so angry!?!?

Life After War

You come home from combat angry.

Stupid shit sets you off. You lash out at people you care about only to see pain and fear flash through their confused eyes. Sometimes you start fights on purpose. Usually, you just react. A stupid driver makes you snap, before you know it you’re in a blind rage. In that moment, you don’t feel anything else and you don’t give a fuck. When you manage to be in a good mood, one small attitude, a word, a tone from someone flips the switch and there you are again.

Why the fuck are you so angry? After all, you made it home, you’re supposed to be all right and happy now, right? Isn’t that what everyone around you thinks? It hurts to know that you’re causing people pain. You don’t mean it, but they don’t understand that you don’t mean it. And you don’t know how to stop being…

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This is going to be GOOD!

They Call It Pro Football - Official Blog of NFL Films

by Neil Zender, Producer

IF YOU THINK YOU KNOW BILL WALSH, think again. More than two decades after his retirement, Walsh still casts a long shadow over the National Football League. Especially at this time of year, as new hires climb aboard the coaching carousel and established coaches seek to prove their greatness under the harsh, unforgiving light of the Super Bowl.

In three years the man reporters called “The Genius” transformed the San Francisco 49ers from a league doormat that was regarded as “worse than expansion” into Super Bowl Champions and the Team of the Eighties. But behind the curtain, the Wizard of San Francisco’s football Oz was a tortured artist. He invented the West Coast Offense, pioneered the scripting of plays and revolutionized the ways teams prepare for games Monday through Saturday but at many points in his career considered himself a failure.

Insecure and ravaged by self-doubt…

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