WWE Is Working On An Owen Hart DVD With The Full Cooperation Of His Wife Martha

FINALLY!!!! #OwenHart #KingOfHearts #WWE



At this point, WWE’s DVD division has plumbed pretty much every corner of the company’s deep history, even places nobody expected them to go. Ultimate Warrior, Randy Savage, Bret Hart — nobody’s been off-limits. Well, with one exception.

WWE has been very reluctant to showcase any of its footage of Owen Hart. The obvious reason for years is that they didn’t want to remind anybody that Owen died tragically under their watch.

In the mid-2000s, the policy on Owen footage began to loosen up a bit, but the company was then slammed with a lawsuit by Owen’s wife Martha for wrongfully using Owen’s name and likeness and not giving her a proper share of DVD sales. WWE settled out of court in 2013, and the company’s Owen Hart footage went back in the closet. Some feared it would stay there for good.

Well, set your faces for shocked. On what…

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