Who does that?

I just found out a couple of hours ago on Facebook that a woman that I known and considered a friend for five years, the same person that I confided in and talk to whenever need it had unfriended me. It really took me by surprise. Even though I’m getting older and it’s becoming less of a problem (People I become friends with go on his or separate ways) more and more (I would like to think that it’s becoming less of a problem), it still stings the hell out of me whenever it happens. Who does that? What kind of person stops being friends with you for no particular reason at all and at no fault of your own? I don’t get that at all, I really don’t. To say that I’m confused and sad right now is an understatement. That was the proverbial icing on the cake for me to deactivate my FB account and to stay away for while.


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