June was a crazy and rough month / Getting back into the Church

June was a crazy and rough month for me. I sold my car to help pay the rent and the money that I received wasn’t even half of what I originally paid for the car nine months ago. I’ve job hunting like crazy and while I found a job, I’m still looking for another part-time job so I can have a roof over my head and have so money for myself. That has been a pain all by itself. Job-hunting is a brand of torture that no human should have to experience. The internship that I have worked so hard to have after four attempts only lasted one day and the reason for that was because of conflict with school and the importance of getting this second part-time job was my number-one priority. I have no phone right now because the screen is cracked from the inside. The only mode of communication for me at the moment is the internet. I went through days with little or no food, the last money that I have was spent on washing / drying my clothes because my roommate called the exterminator to spray the place for bed bugs and when I took my clothes out of the dryer, the clothes was very damp and I didn’t have any more money to put the clothes back in the dryer so I had to air dry my clothes and the rest of my clothes in a bag outside on the balcony for most of last month. I had no one to talk to, I contemplated suicide, I seriously considered throwing in the towel. While I completed my final class for my Bachelor’s Degree (I graduate on July 11), this was by far the worst class that I’ve had in my three years at the Los Angeles Film School. I was hardly inspired, had a difficult time being motivated by the fact that it was my last class before I graduate with my first Bachelor’s Degree. Every idea that I had was shot down. Nobody didn’t let my explain my ideas. I have no problem being wrong at all, I really don’t, but when I’m not given the chance to finish explaining my idea, that’s what I’m really upset about and still am. I’ve also find out today that Wells Fargo my bank for three years has closed out my account with no explanation which is sad because I really enjoy having Wells Fargo as my bank and I enjoy the services the employees provided for me.

I’ve also started going back to church after not going in five years. The first night that I went to church, I broke down in tears when I extended my arms during prayer. It is amazing when you extend your arms in prayer and you realize how much baggage you been carrying around and there was a lot of baggage. After that night’s service, I made noticed a few changes with myself. I make the effort to church almost everyday if possible (The church that I attend has services three or four times a day and six days out of the week) and I sleep better at now in fact I don’t think I have had good sleep in at least nine or ten years. Another thing that has changed is that I’m a lot calmer now and I don’t stress over job hunting like I was most of June and months before. I now have two job interviews tomorrow, one working in Customer Service for a company that sells silverware and an entry level assistant manager position. I am confident that I will do very well and get one of these jobs.

I feel as if all of the things that happened in June was like closing a chapter and a door that has been open for far too long and it showed. I also feel like June was a turning point for me and I feel like the month of July is a new beginning for me. I’m looking forward to see this door open and what this chapter and beyond will bring.


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