Why does it have to be this way?

Why is it that no one in my family can have a normal conversation without having some ulterior motive or an agenda? Why is that every time some family members expect and want you to help them if they have problems or need something but yet when it’s time for those same family members to help you when you needed, they disappear on you? Those same family members get a serious case of amnesia and look at you like you’re crazy. Why is it that the only person in the family that will do anything for is your mother? Why can’t we just help one another unconditionally if we are able to? This is why I keep my distance from the family, this is why I haven’t been back and visit any of you in four years, too much bs, drama, hatred, and lies. I really am glad that I spoke to my brother this past week and ask for help because it reminded me why I shouldn’t expect him to do anything and it also reminded me not to expect anyone to do anything for you…When are we going to stop doing this each other???


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