Clear And Present Thoughts

When I took this class called Contemporary Art in earlier this year, I didn’t know what to expect and I didn’t know that I have a deep passion and appreciation for art which has since inspired me to start writing blogs and to express myself more through photography and screenwriting.

This picture is the first piece of art that I have done. I called it “Clear and Present Thoughts” based off the Harrison Ford movie “Clear and Present Danger”. These are the thoughts that I have, live and battle with everyday. Everything on the left side of my face are all of the dreams and goals that I have like wanting to get married to a beautiful woman, start a family with her, and live in a beachfront house. I want to make movies and win Oscars. I want graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree (I graduate this coming July) Everything on the right side of my face are all of the demons that I battle with everyday such as wanting to be an a**h*** and speak my mind, but worrying about losing friends in the process, or wanting to be liked but not to the point that I actually lose friends and people dislike me. I have battles with low self-esteem every day which is why I worry too much. I have had depression in the past and still have battles with it at times.

Through and through, this is me, these are the dreams, goals, and demons that I walk around with every single day.                    




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