Living with a roommate is not for me.

For the past nine months, I have lived in with roommates in two different places after living in an apartment studio (In Yucca and Cahuenga) for a little over two years.  Sometimes, if not often, you don’t realize how much of a good thing that you no longer have it. That has been the realization that I came to and have since relearned. With a passion, I regret moving from the studio that I had all to myself to what I thought was greener pastures (I would move into a three bedroom house on Lemon Grove Ave in East Hollywood and not only would I have the master bedroom which included a bathroom, but I have purchased a car at the same time).
I have known about this place before from knowing guys that I was in film school with, the landlord and his family are great people, and the neighborhood was nice and have a calming effect so I decided to move. Little that I know, I didn’t know what the hell that I got myself into.

I was living with roommates that I had to walk on eggshells around, and with an argumentative roommate that couldn’t and wouldn’t pay rent so I was forced to move out.

I moved back to Hollywood in March this time living between Highland and La Brea with a roommate. It was cool at first, but it has gotten old quickly. The roommate that I have is cool, but I’ve grew tired of him. He doesn’t seem to understand that I keep to myself and that I’m selectively social. I’m over it.

The realization that I made is that living with roommates is not for me. If you or anyone you know that live are thinking about moving into a place with roommates, stay away, run if you have to.


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