This town…

In my three years that I lived in Los Angeles, I have lived in three different parts of Hollywood and I have come to the conclusion that Hollywood is a DUMP.

There are no shortage of miserable people in this sad shell of a town no matter which part of town you stay in. In La Brea/West Hollywood/Beverly Hills, you have petty snobs who act like their stuff don’t stink and act as if the world revolves around them looking down on anyone that is from the aforementioned places, you have people that live in the heart of Hollywood and East Hollywood that are not only disenfranchised but are also into gangs, serious drugs (Crack, meth, heroin, and several other hard drugs), have some serious mental issues, and have a serious case of misery. Of course, you have the ever-clueless tourists that comes from all the world to see primarily stars of dead people and are oblivious to everything else. There seems to be two types of people that lives in Hollywood: The people that are “living the dream” or working towards “living the dream” , and the people that dwells in misery (Which seems to be the majority in this town).

Now, I write this not with the intention to scare off anyone that want to visit Hollywood and possibly move here to pursue a career making movies (I’m a filmmaker myself), I’m simply just stating that the Hollywood that is shown on the big screen and on television, with everyone from the garbage man to the gorgeous, buxom, platinum-blonde haired women and brunette women (Which I developed a liking for in recent months) walking around friendly and happy is nonexistent and to be both mindful and watchful when visiting or moving into this town.


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